Staffs - スタッフ紹介

Hiroyuki Watarihiki (President)

Specialties Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya
History Hiroyuki is the President and owner of avinoc
Off Time Takin car of his baby boy Hajime
Favorite Foods Jelly Beans and Gummy Bears

Kasahara Mitsuhisa (Compositor)

Specialties Autodesk Smoke, Adove After Effects
History Kasahara is ayoung talented Compositor and a fomer full time employee of Imagica.
Off Time
Favorite Foods Topo

Timothy Klanderud (3d Artist)

Specialties Modo, Zbrush and Vue xStream
History Timothy was born in California USA. After High School he attend Art School and became the first Japanese American to graduated from Schuler School of Fine Art.  He recieve training from the famous sculptor Hans Schuler Jr., techniques originally derived from Hans Schuler Sr. and Rodin Augusta. After graduating he became an employee for the United States Department of Defense (DOD).  After serving the in the DOD, his family settled in Japan where he started working with his sister-in laws company avinoc. 
Work He enjoys modeling and landscape creation. Skilled in a various applications, but notwithstanding his main tools of choice is modo, zbrush and vue. 
Off Time Tim enjoys spending time with his family and playing with his 3 years old son Atomu.  He also enjoys sculpting and zbrushing. 
Favorite Foods Thai Curry and Coffee & Donuts.

Tomoko Kato (Designer)

Specialties Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator and Manga Studio (known in Japan as ComicStudio)
History Tomoko was born in Yokohama Japan.  After high school Tomoko attended a Graphic Design School and became the top student under the most acclaimed digital artist in Japan, Hiroshii Yoshii.  Tomoko now works in avinoc as the lead 2d designer. 
Off Time Manga Artist
Favorite Foods Fried Chicken and Chips